Tuesday April 21st 2015


1 What is my teenage girl's addiction? Help for parents to define the vice

A discussion about four (4) common teenage girl addictions, and what you can do about them. A guide on how to address exercise, internet, sex, and prescription drug addiction here.

1 Addicted to sex? Symptoms of sex addiction

To understand whether or not you're addicted to sex, symptoms require an evaluation of how compulsive sexual acitivty is, whether or not it's harmful, and how sex affects your life. More from expert Dr. David Jacobs here.

Counseling for sex addiction: The first step

Learn how to do a cost/benefit anaylsis before you begin counseling for sex addiction. More on how counseling for sex addiction can help you here.

5 Addiction as a spiritual disease

How can we treat addiction as a spiritual disease? By shifting our focus. More on the spiritual side of addiction here.

5 Spiritual addiction recovery and treatment

Here, we outline specific strategies of how to magnify God in the process of spiritual addiction recovery and treatment. We welcome your questions and comments at the end.

2 How can I stop addiction to sex

You can stop addiction to sex by understanding what compels sexual compulsion and then changing the way that you relate with yourself. More here on stopping the cycle of sex addiction.

12 Do sex addicts love?

Sex addicts can learn love and intimacy when they treat and heal past trauma. More here on emotions of love and the sex addict, as well as how expressions of love and attachment patterns manifest during sex addiction.

2 Sex addiction and the brain

How does the brain operate during sex addiction?

7 Is looking at women wrong or cheating?

Looking at women in a fixated kind of way can get in the way of your personal growth. In fact, "looking” at other women can be a sign of sexual compulsion. We explore what's behind any compulsive sexual behavior here and how you can change looking at women here.

9 Sex addiction: marriage or divorce?

If you're married and just found out your husband has problems with sex addiction, do you stay married or consider divorce? We examine options here.

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